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An Expulsion, A Message

His name has been deleted from the list of 8,400 members. The way the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expelled film...



Free Time

Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art reopens after decade

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade reopened to visitors on Friday after a decade of rebuilding and adaptations, Tanjug has reported.A large number...



Art Jibilian and “Forgotten 500”: We owe the Serbs some gratitude

Last interview with WW2 veteran hero, Art Jibilian: The Serb citizens and Serb guerrilla fighters in Nazi controlled Yugoslavia hid, clothed, fed and risked...

McQueen: False Propaganda And Lies To Destroy Serbs

BELGRADE - Adrian A. McQueen, a young British man, made an extremely well-documented short documentary film showing how Serbs have been unfairly targeted by...

Serbia – Land of New Beginnings

Storytraveler Mark Hofmeyr with Melvin (@traveldudes), Kash (@budgettraveller), Rob (@bloggeries) and Becki (@bordersofadv) travelled to Serbia: a Lonely Planet top 10 country to visit...

Visit Serbia

Serbia, Europe’s untapped adventure hub

Put the words ‘Europe’ and ‘adventure’ in the same sentence and you’re undoubtedly going to think along the lines of Norway’s fjords, Croatia’s Plitvice...

Early spring in Sumadija

BELGRADE - Spring has finally come to Serbia, and InSerbia visited Arandjelovac, Bukovicka Banja Spa, Lake Garasi, Cave Risovaca, Orasac and mountain Bukulja.You can...

Business Insider: Savamala among 12 coolest neighborhoods in Europe

BELGRADE - Renowned American magazine Business Insider classified Savamala as one of the coolest and most exciting districts in Europe stating that it continues...